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Today is the 70th anniversary of Dr. Bob's passing.

Today is the 70th anniversary of Dr. Bob's passing.

So I went to the cemetery. Sunny but windy and cold. And my heart full of Gratitude for a Program, for the chance to live well, to be "fancy foot and free".

Love and Service - Dr. Bob's summation of the 12 Step Program.

How true, how to the point. Nothing more to add or take away. Just this. And 5,000 people personally helped by the man who for years prior was not able to "harness" his own drinking habit/illness.

And his wife Anne - the Mother of AA. Thank you in the name of every member of the family struggling with loved ones' addiction

I lit the candle, said prayers in my name and name of all who care to join me in this tiny gesture of remembrance and gratitude.

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