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Meeting - Somewhere & Everywhere

So, I went to the doctor, with some apprehension feeling slightly uneasy; possibly new health problem, new doctor, maybe new treatment. Not a real worry, but .....

As I waited and contemplated the new rules of the waiting-room – the mask, distance sitting, empty surfaces, nothing to read, and the ever-present bottle of sanitizer - the gloominess of the COVID daily life started to seep in slowly, making the whole experience feel just “grey” and washed out.

After while a door opened and a person with a temperature gun asked me in. A woman-nurse, medium height & stocky, dress in ....., no-smile face, non-committing voice, guarded. And suddenly I felt a need to break this grayness; that it was up to me to do it.

I can be funny, especially when I’m slightly agitated. The weight-scale and the height gave some opportunities, and then the EKG with all 16 or maybe 12 leads gave the “Beam Me UP” opportunity. The nurse was now more relaxed, but still non-engaging, although, she did say “you are funny” in a nice way.

As she worked at the keyboard, I’ve noticed on her forearm a tattoo, but could not clearly identify the subject. And suddenly I felt an emotional push to ask, just a clear “do it”. So I did, and the nurse extended her arm, said out loud “Serenity” and now I could clearly read it.

I hesitated few minutes, took a deep breath and asked “are you in a Program?”. And with a calm voice came an answer “7 months and I’m very glad about it”. In response I’ve expressed my joy and congratulations. I also stated that I’m on the opposite side of the problem, that I’m with “families and friends”. And I did wish the best for the future.

The whole encounter lasted maybe 20 minutes, but I felt like I’ve attended an “open” AA meeting and an Al-Anon meeting, all at once. Right there, with all the perks and serenity these meetings provide.

God granted me the Serenity, at that place and that time. So, thank you Program for being there just for me, when I needed it the most.

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What a lovely story... Reading this reassured me that HP is always there for me as well, waiting to help and all I have to do is just to be willing to receive it. Thank you for sharing this!

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